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Impromptu on the Korean Folk Tune, Doraji:

 Doraji (Korean: 도라지) is a folk song popular among the ancient Korean people. The song originated from North Korea. Doraji means a wild flower found in Korea, which is usually called the Chinese bellflower in English. Arirang and Doraji are the two folk songs that represent both North and South Korea. They are both performed in the triple meter.

Impromptu on the Korean folk tune, Doraji was composed in December, 2015 for the Toronto Messiaen Ensemble’s “The Aroma of Korea and France” project in Montreal and Ste-Jerome, Quebec in 2016. The piece basically in the triple meter and tonality, is progressed with metric and harmonic changes as well as frequent modulations, whereas some parts including the “Quasi Cadenza” section are atonal. With all of this progression, one may smell the scent of Doraji in this piece.






Gideon Gee-Bum Kim, managing/artistic directo
Copyright 2016 by Toronto Messiaen Ensemble