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Song of Grievous Light :

Song of Grievous Light is a piece that expresses a human’s deep and profound desire for light. The piece consists of three movements. The first movement is like a chant, and the second one is in the style of a toccata while the last movement features a repeated melody and marks the return of the chant-like atmosphere. The movements are linked and subtitled Hymn, Toccata, and Song of Grievous Light.

The original Song of Grievous Light for cello and piano was composed in 1995, and premiered by Korean cellist Jin Kyung Chee and pianist Eryung Park at the Seoul Arts Center. Then it was orchestrated for violin concerto in 1996 with the Artist Fellowship from the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation (KCAF). In 1999 the concerto received the Creative Arts Award from the KCAF and was premiered by Korean violinist Geenie Jung and New Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, under the baton of maestro Tae Young Park, at the Sejong Cultural Centre in Seoul.

In 2001, the original Song of Grievous Light was professionally recorded by Israeli cellist Nitzan Laster and pianist Ariel Halevy as a recording project of the Jerusalem Kaprizma Ensemble. This recording is available to download on the website for the archival recordings of the Kaprizma Ensemble.

In 2015, the piece was also instrumented for flute and piano for the Toronto Messiaen Ensemble’s “Crumb: Father-Son-Pupil” project.

Gideon Gee-Bum Kim, managing/artistic directo
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