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Julnori I:

Between the mid-1990’s and the early-2000’s, Gideon Gee-Bum Kim wrote several pieces called “Nori” series. A Korean word, “nori” means play and “jul” means string. In the compositions of “Nori” series, Kim emphasized that music should be enjoyable to the listeners, players and composers just like children would feel during their play.

Julnori I was composed in 1996 when Kim took his residency at the University of Pennsylvania as a visiting scholar. The piece consists of three movements and the third movement was orchestrated for Kim’s Symphony No. 2 in 1998. The piece was premiered by Korean violinist Kyung-­Hee Yoon at the Seoul Arts Center in 1997. Since then, the work has been performed in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Sungnam and Colorado Springs by leading violinists including a world renowned Turkish violinist, Cihat Askin. The piece was also featured on “Nangmaneumak”, a quarterly music magazine in Korea in 1997.

The beginning passage of the second movement reminds one of Cantus II for string trio by Mark Kopytman (1929-2011), one of the most leading composers and musicologists in our time and a former professor of the Rubin Academy. And Kim especially expressed his homage to Dr. Kopytman, in the score of 2016 edition, who was Kim's strong mentor along with Dr. George Crumb.



Gideon Gee-Bum Kim, managing/artistic directo
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