Artistic Di=ector


Still Life with Dances and Poems: 2019

O Dignified Organ, Time-honoured Clarinet: 2019

Portrait of a Friendship: 2019

Life and Death: 2018

Play: 2018

Wisdom in Folk and Popular Music: 2017

The Sound of Love and War: 2017

Crumb: Father-Son-Pupil: 2016

The Aroma of France and Korea: 2016

Psalms, Psalms, Psalms: 2015

The Sounds of End Time: 2015

Adversity and Transfiguration: 2015

Wisdom in Folk Music: 2014-2015

Dry Bones Shall Live: 2013

Adversity and Transfiguration: 2012

Gideon Gee-Bum Kim, managing/artistic directo
Copyright 2020 by Toronto Messiaen Ensemble