Artistic Director
Gideon Gee-Bum Kim, managing/artistic director


Gideon Gee-Bum Kim (born in Seoul, Korea) studied composition at Seoul National University and the University of Pennsylvania where he received a Ph.D. in composition under George Crumb. He described Kim as "a composer who shows great originality in use of rhythm and harmony, and possesses a fine melodic gift.”

Kim is a former professor of music at the Kyungwon University and was a 'Distinguished Composer-In-Residence' at the Colorado College which honoured him with an all-Kim concert of various chamber and solo compositions. He was also a Visiting Scholar at the University of Pennsylvania as well as a guest composer at the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Oregon, and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Currently Kim is a professor at the Reformed Presbyterian Seminary of the East and an associate composer with the Canadian Music Centre which has been highlighting his music with its various projects since he moved to Canada in 2004. He is also a member of the Canadian League of Composers and American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Kim’s compositions have been recognized with many international awards including the first prize of the Moldova International Composition Contest, International Commission Award of Music At The Anthology in New York, Today's Young Artist Award of the Korean Ministry of Culture, Grand Prize of the Korean Broadcasting System Composition Competition, Creative Arts Awards of the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation, Ahn Eak Tae Composition Prize of the Korea Times, Ye Eum Prize of the Ye Eum Culture Foundation, Special Mention of New York Treble Singers Composition Competition, and the first prize of the Dong-A Music Concours.

His works have been commissioned and performed worldwide by leading ensembles and orchestras such as the Jerusalem Kaprizma Ensemble, Gaudeamus Ensemble of Amsterdam, North/South Chamber Orchestra of New York, Continuum of New York, New York Treble Singers, Gamelan Son of Lion of New York, Curtis Institute Orchestra of Philadelphia, Quattro Mani of Colorado, Toronto Esprit Orchestra, Montreal QAT Ensemble, Orchestra London Canada, Taiwan National Symphony Orchestra, Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Korean Symphony Orchestra, New Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra, Prime Philharmonic Orchestra, Seoul Baroque Ensemble, Trio Haan and Color String Quartet. and organizations (Music AT The Anthology, Colorado College, Korean Broadcasting System, National Gugak Center, Music Association of Korea, Korean-Canadian Symphony Orchestra, Lee Myung Hee Gayaguem Quartet, and the Israeli Embassy in Seoul).

As a conductor, Kim has directed several musical ensembles and church choirs in Canada, the United States and Korea including Amabile Chamber Ensemble, Kyungwon Contemporary Players and the ”Lux Aeterna” Singers in Toronto. Kim’s music has been published by Yedang Music Press and can be heard on Sony Classical, Synnara Music and Sung Eum Limited recording labels.



Two movements on the theme of Angry Birds.wav
Deux Poemes pour flute et guitare.mp3
Eassy on Theme of Arirang for orchestra.mp3
Forgotten Dance for piano, harpsichord and vibraphone.mp3
Homage to Mozart for two haegeums.mp3
Imulnori II–mov.1.mp3
Imulnori II–mov.2.mp3
Imulnori II–mov.3&4.mp3
Kangkangsullae for string trio.mp3
Psalm 23 for mezzo–soprano and 11 instrumentalists.mp3
Psalm 71 for 4 guitars and string trio.mp3
Psalm 84 for octet.mp3
Psalm 142 for two guitars.mp3
Song of the Heavens & Firmament for piano trio.mp3
Still life for prayer and poem for orchestra.mp3
Still life with Prayer and Poem for gamelan octet.mp3
Symphony #2–I. Ritual.mp3
Symphony #2–II. Essay.mp3
Symphony #2–III. Nori.mp3
Trio for vilon, clarinet and piano.mp3
Volin Concerto.mp3


Two movements on the theme of "Angry Birds"
Deux poemes


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